Last Great Unclimbed Mountains

10th September – feeling better

Well, as the day progressed I began to feel better.  I drank five litres of warm (boiled) water.  We had bought some food in FIambala and we cooked it traditional Argentinian barbecue style.  I went for some walks and scavenged all the wood I could find so we lit a fire.

P1190677  Mineworks


All of our clothes and equipment stinks of smoke now, but we were warm for a few hours.  I even managed to eat my steak.  It was a treat!

P1190685       P1190682

P1020183   Mum, Dad  and James won’t be surprised to hear that I brought back a huge log on my shoulders which proceeded to burn for 6 hours.  We were toasty that night in our hut (with the mice).

During the day some tourists had passed us who were interested in the old mineworks.  We invited them in (all ten of them) and they warmed themselves up by our fire and chatted (to Pedro, in Spanish…)  Their guide told us about some shipping containers accessible by road at 5000 metres, from which we could attempt the summit.  We decided to drive up there the following day to investigate.  Our visitors were very lovely and wished us luck and warmth as they left.