Last Great Unclimbed Mountains

11th September – up to 5000 metres

We got up, packed up, and headed up the mountain in the car.  The road was actually terrifying in a different way.  It was just a dirt track on the side of a very steep mountain, which wound upwards to 4900 metres.


20150911_141300   20150911_135057

When we got to the shipping containers containing a climate laboratory, we were shocked to find that although they had only been in place for less than a year, someone had set fire to them!  They were destroyed on the inside.  Apparently some people suspected they were being used by some prospective mining companies, and took matters into their own hands.


So we had to put up our tent outside and shelter as best we could.


We went to bed early.  I was still feeling rough, but it was minus ten degrees and we couldn’t stay there for long.  We decided to head for the summit the following morning.