Last Great Unclimbed Mountains

9th September – to Famatina!

The forecast was bad though, and from our 4000m hut we couldn’t go any further as the San Francisco Pass was closed due to snow.  We were forced to turn round and head back down to Fiambala, a local town.

P1190651     P1020162

We decided to go for a mountain to the south of Fiambala, called Famatina.  The weather looked more favourable there, and we could climb the more sheltered east face.  Access was via a mining track with potholes to rival those of Berkhamsted!

P1190667   P1190663


Two hours later, we arrived at an abandoned mine encampment.  100 years earlier, they had mined gold in the mountains here.  We set up camp in an abandoned hut.


We had a little reversing accident (first blood for Conway), which was happily fixed with some spare zip ties I was keeping to lock my duffle bags.

P1190671   P1190675

Our tent was inside the hut.  That night I felt terrible, even though we were only 300 metres higher than the previous night.  Headache, vomiting, like death warmed up.  I spent the second half of the night in the car, sitting more upright helped my head.  On the plus side (although I didn’t see it at the time), I could see the stars, and the sunrise.

P1020180         P1020181