Last Great Unclimbed Mountains

More adventures in Chilecito (waiting for Conway to be fixed…)

Undeterred by my minor brush with the law, the following day I set out again.  This time I walked out of the town on the road.  It was a pretty boring walk through the desert landscape, but better than sitting around all day.  A few miles later, I could see a green oasis and headed in that direction, telling myself I’d turn around and head back when I got there.  It turned out to be the house of a famous citizen, Joaquin V. Gonzalez, from 100 years ago.  He had been a great scholar, judge, painter, writer, photographer, you name it, and I gather there’s a city named after him somewhere near Salta.  He had cultivated a farm, which has been maintained to this day, with primary crops of grapes and olives and I bought some beautiful fresh raisins from the farm (yes Steve, the grapes were wasted on raisins!)  I met a lovely lady called Carolina (we communicated in Spanish, which tells you I probably didn’t understand most of what she said) and she showed me around then left me to walk around the grounds.

P1020194    P1020196  P1020229


I found a really tranquil cave near a statue and sat there for hours in total peace.

P1020198     P1020227    P1020207      P1020212

It turns out that they even encourage you to climb the hills here!!

P1020222   P1020223

I was so happy, I climbed them twice, once for fun, and it turns out you can get back to Chilecito over the hills (a sneaky shortcut) so I climbed up there again.  Here’s a picture of the shortcut – turns out I wasn’t far from the city at all as the crow flies!


It was a great day, and just goes to show that adventure doesn’t come to those to spend their days chilling in the hotel…