Last Great Unclimbed Mountains

On the road….

The five of us (Pedro, Caio, Jiovani, Max and I) headed back up to the same area we had climbed in before.  We had seen some beautiful mountains, and spoke to a couple of local guys in Copiapo who said they were unclimbed.  We had searched on google earth and found some great possibilities for Incan ruins in the area.

We stopped at the waterfall on the way, and Max changed his shoes as his feet had totally cracked open.  He had earlier repaired them by slicing a section of skin off another part of his foot and super-gluing it over the crack, but (perhaps unsurprisingly) that had not proved to be a permanent solution…

1S9A8979 web  1S9A8983 web

As he was changing his shoes, one of his beloved flipflops flew off in the wind, into the river.  Then began a race.  I ran down to the river downstream, while Max climbed down the gully to get to it.

1S9A8992 web   1S9A8993 web

Success!  We rescued it (I got there first, but only just…) Now to climb out, and carry on our way.

1S9A8995 web  1S9A9004 web

We had two cars, so we felt a little better.  We had shredded one tyre, so we didn’t even have a spare for Conway, which had made us nervous, given that we’d already sustained one puncture and the terrain was brutal.  We were grateful for the second vehicle as backup, and we had a great drive into the mountains.

1S9A9059 web 1S9A9045 web