Last Great Unclimbed Mountains

Andes Expedition Blog 2015

Andes Mountaineering Expedition – Exploring Unclimbed Peaks 2015

The mountains

We arrived in the mountains on day four. We saw wild donkeys, condors and flamingos high up. The forecast was windy, and it was very cold. The next day we went up to a hut at 4000 metres. We wanted to cross the border but it was closed. We slept at 4000 meres and felt good, but with no prospect of the border opening any time soon, we had to head down to Fiambala. The forecast is minus 40 on the summit of the peaks we had planned to climb, with 100kph winds. We will head to a different mountain now, wish us luck!

Day two

We drove to a World Heritage site in the Guayra region, where the Jesuit Missionaries and the local people (Guaranies) lived side by side. The city was destroyed in the Paraguayan war in 1817, leaving the ruins we see today.