Last Great Unclimbed Mountains

8th September

We stopped at a random, remote, empty hotel and filled up our water bottles.  I met some more friends!

P1020149 P1020153 P1020155


We then went up to 4000 metres, again on the way to the San Francisco pass, and this time staying in a little hut.  When we got there it was filthy, with dead mice inside, but we cleaned it out and it was pretty comfy!

P1190649P1190647   Comfy hut at 4000 metres!

P1190646   Nice, eh?

7th September

Hi everyone, now I’m going back to fill in some gaps, having got back to a city again.  On 7th September we went up to a hut on the way to the Pass San Francisco (the border) and we slept at a hut there.  We couldn’t actually sleep in the hut because there were rats, but we cooked there and put our tent up outside.  It was cold, but not unbearable, and the altitude was 3000 metres, so we were gradually acclimatising.  In the night I heard wild donkeys braying, and the weather was calm and sunny.  When I get my photos from my camera, I’ll show you the view – it was beautiful!

P1020134      Wild donkeys!

P1020136   The road ahead

P1020138  We made it to the first camp!

P1020139 P1020144   We slept in a tent to avoid the rats

P1020143  A shout-out to Kai and Gina, for putting up with me searching for milk tea in Singapore!  This photo’s for you guys!






The mountains

We arrived in the mountains on day four. We saw wild donkeys, condors and flamingos high up. The forecast was windy, and it was very cold. The next day we went up to a hut at 4000 metres. We wanted to cross the border but it was closed. We slept at 4000 meres and felt good, but with no prospect of the border opening any time soon, we had to head down to Fiambala. The forecast is minus 40 on the summit of the peaks we had planned to climb, with 100kph winds. We will head to a different mountain now, wish us luck!

Day three

We crossed the beautiful Parana river. What you can’t see from the picture is the huge traffic jam, as two lorries had crashed on the bridge

.2015-09-05 18.21.50


We survived a plague of locusts, saw some beautiful trees and carried on our journey through the desert landscape of Argentina.

11954553_452101924997353_7233859277056389266_n 12002921_452102011664011_8601496270139856261_n*P1020125P1020127The trees make this weird white stuff that’s like soft lambs-wool.  Perfect insulation for a sleeping bag!

Day two

We drove to a World Heritage site in the Guayra region, where the Jesuit Missionaries and the local people (Guaranies) lived side by side. The city was destroyed in the Paraguayan war in 1817, leaving the ruins we see today.